About Aspen

A legacy built to last.

After sweeping jobsites and working alongside his father, Craig Windmiller, from age 12, it was no surprise that Ryan Windmiller inherited his father’s love for the home building business. Ryan built his own business catering to clients seeking small to mid-sized, semi-custom and custom homes at a low to mid-price point; and his company grew and grew. To offer his clients more resources and keep the family legacy alive and well, Ryan combined forces with his father’s company, Windmiller Design Build, in 2010.

Now, Aspen Homes specializes in custom, hand-crafted builds that strike the perfect balance between affordability and lifestyle-driven design. In the $300k to $1.2M price range, these unique homes exceed industry standards while remaining competitive in price. Whether you’re in the market for a modern masterpiece or a classic beauty, we offer a wide variety of styles and customizable choices to bring your dream home to life. From open concept layouts to thoughtful finishes, every detail is carefully considered to ensure your home is just as unique as you are.

Aspen Homes

The Mid-Century Mod House

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