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Questions are a good thing. We’ve got answers.

What is a Fixed Bid vs. Time and Material?

A fixed bid is agreeing on a total cost for a project upfront, no matter how long it takes or what resources are used. It’s paying a set price for building a house, regardless of whether it takes a month or a year. On the other hand, time and materials is paying for things as they come—imagine hiring someone to fix your house, and you pay for the hours they work and the materials they use. Fixed bid gives you a clear price tag. Time and materials offer flexibility but can be much less predictable in terms of the final bill.

What is our Timeline from start to finish?

The design phase for an Aspen Home usually spans 3-5 months, with the build phase taking approximately 6-8 months, the durations varying based on the house’s size and complexity. Conversely, for a Windmiller Home, the design phase typically extends from 6-12 months, while the build phase ranges from 7-14 months, contingent on the property’s size and intricacy. Adhering to a stringent schedule is pivotal for maintaining our production efficiency. Remarkably, we achieve a 99% on-time delivery rate, and even in cases of deviation, it seldom exceeds a one-week delay.

How often does your client stay on budget?

Aspen Homes consistently adheres to budgetary constraints, maintaining a flawless record of staying within the allocated budget for every project. Our meticulous approach involves thorough selection of all items upfront before the construction commences, empowering our clients with a manageable allowance range of $2,000 for various items. This pre-planning ensures financial transparency and allows our clients to make informed decisions within the set budget, fostering a smoother and more predictable construction process.

What is your Warranty?

Both Aspen Homes and Windmiller Design Build are happy to offer a 30-day , 11-month, and 10-year (structural) concierge warranty service.

What percentage of the time do you finish on schedule?

Remarkably, we achieve a 99% on-time delivery rate, and even in cases of deviation, it seldom exceeds a one-week delay.

How long have you been in the home-building business?

As a family-owned enterprise, we take pride in our four-decade legacy of crafting coveted neighborhoods and constructing exquisite homes that enhance the fabric of our community.

Do you offer customizable floor plans, and how does that process work?

Explore our diverse range of floor plans, each exuding its distinctive charm. Additionally, we provide the flexibility of customizable floor plans tailored to your preferences. During consultations with our seasoned draftsman, you’ll delve into essential must-haves, desired features, and dream elements for your new home. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile, not only guiding you through the selection process but also assisting in value engineering your home. This ensures that your time and investment are optimized, eliminating unnecessary expenditures on non-essential items.

How do you handle unforeseen issues or delays during construction?

Head on. While we encounter occasional challenges, our team of experts is always prepared to skillfully navigate through them, ensuring a smooth resolution whenever issues arise.

How do you communicate with clients throughout the construction process?

Our streamlined project management is combined with smart build technology through SimpleBuild, an online software that ensures accessibility from anywhere in the world. With user-friendly login features, you can easily track and stay updated on your build’s progress. Additionally, we organize key meetings at crucial milestones during the construction process to discuss and share important information with you.

Are there financing options available?

Yes. Reach out to Ryan Windmiller for more information.

What amenities do your communities offer?

Our communities boast a range of amenities, such as a neighborhood pool, convenient proximity to locally owned restaurants, bars, and boutiques within walking distance, nearby bike/walking trails, and just minutes away from numerous local attractions.

How do you compare yourself to other builders and what are the most important benefits of the homes you build?

We set ourselves apart from other builders by excelling in every aspect of the home-building process. From initial development and meticulous design to precise estimating aimed at safeguarding your investment, we bring expertise to every stage of the build. This comprehensive approach distinguishes us from builders who may specialize in only one or two aspects of the construction process.

Do you build model homes that I can tour?

Yes, We would love to have you tour one of our models. Contact Ryan Windmiller for more information:

What makes your subdivisions different?

Our subdivisions are meticulously planned, each offering a distinct set of amenities tailored to its unique characteristics.

Is the design process hard?

We simplify the design process for you! Our team of skilled interior designers and draftsmen will expertly guide you through each step, highlighting where the perceived value aligns seamlessly with your vision for a new home.

Am I responsible for getting the subs back to my house for warranty?

No. Let our concierge warranty service take care of that for you.

What makes us different during the warranty period?

We provide a comprehensive warranty package, including a 30-day warranty, an 11-month warranty, and a 10-year structural warranty. Our commitment to a true concierge service means we take care of all the necessary legwork on your behalf.

Are you more expensive than other builders?

No, When comparing us to other reputable builders—though it can be challenging given the custom nature of our homes—we align with industry standards when evaluating apples to apples. While our figures may appear larger initially, it’s important to note that we provide transparent and fixed numbers from the outset, avoiding surprises during the build. In contrast to other builders who may spring unforeseen costs at the closing table, our approach ensures a smoother and more positive experience throughout the entire process.