Bryan Mixdorf

Job Title: Lead Draftsman, Design Consultant

ā€œIā€™m fortunate to have turned my passion for art and architecture into a career with a team that lives and breathes creative freedom.ā€

Bryan, armed with an AA in Drafting from Hawkeye Community College, is an exceptionally gifted draftsman known for his unwavering commitment to detail and authentic design. With a deep-rooted passion for architecture, he embodies the essence of a purist in his craft. For more than two decades, Bryan has been leaving his mark on the Quad Cities by designing captivating houses that seamlessly blend form and function. One of Bryan’s greatest joys stems from engaging with his clients, attentively listening as they share their vision for their dream home. It is through these interactions that he is able to transform their aspirations into a stunning reality. When he’s not immersed in his architectural endeavors, Bryan finds solace in his love for golf, reveling in the serenity and challenge of the game. Moreover, he possesses an uncanny ability to inject a Seinfeld quote into any conversation, adding a touch of humor and wit to his interactions. Bryan’s unwavering dedication to his profession, his love for golf, and his ability to infuse levity into everyday conversations make him a truly remarkable and well-rounded individual.